Hello Again!

Hello Curious Visitors,

You may have noticed our post below time stamped sometime in early 2014. Well, here we are over 3 years later with post number 2 to tell you, with some sense of authority and desire, that you will not have to wait 3 years for another post.  We might even have another one in 3 days! Time will tell.

What you will (maybe) find here in future posts is the following:

  • my thoughts
  • links to other peoples thoughts
  • PennyCup Coffee people’s thoughts
  • pictures of PennyCup Coffee people
  • pictures of PennyCup Coffee stuff
  • news!
  • coffee news!!
  • deals!!!
  • other random things (anything is possible!)

I’d like to finish today with some things that happened in the last three years:

  • we roasted a ton of coffee
  • we opened an espresso bar at the roaster
  • we opened a shop downtown
  • we opened a shop in Haw Creek
  • we won awards
  • we hosted a coffee expo (Stu and Angie did all the work though)
  • we added to our coffee family and life family
  • we met all sorts of amazing people
  • we bought a bigger roaster

Stay tuned for more posts from me and who knows who else.




Welcome to PennyCup Coffee Co!

NEWPENNYCUPLOGOWe’re just firing up the presses on our site – but we hope that you’ll poke around and see what we have to offer.

From single-origin roasts to decaf to blends, we have a great selection of coffees we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

We offer simple online purchases of our coffees, as well as some really nice diner mugs and patches. Check out our “Offerings” tab at the top, and order some stuff for home or office.

If you’re in the River Arts District, stop by the shop and have a cup – always hot, always delicious!