Hello Again!

Hello Curious Visitors,

You may have noticed our post below time stamped sometime in early 2014. Well, here we are over 3 years later with post number 2 to tell you, with some sense of authority and desire, that you will not have to wait 3 years for another post.  We might even have another one in 3 days! Time will tell.

What you will (maybe) find here in future posts is the following:

  • my thoughts
  • links to other peoples thoughts
  • PennyCup Coffee people’s thoughts
  • pictures of PennyCup Coffee people
  • pictures of PennyCup Coffee stuff
  • news!
  • coffee news!!
  • deals!!!
  • other random things (anything is possible!)

I’d like to finish today with some things that happened in the last three years:

  • we roasted a ton of coffee
  • we opened an espresso bar at the roaster
  • we opened a shop downtown
  • we opened a shop in Haw Creek
  • we won awards
  • we hosted a coffee expo (Stu and Angie did all the work though)
  • we added to our coffee family and life family
  • we met all sorts of amazing people
  • we bought a bigger roaster

Stay tuned for more posts from me and who knows who else.




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